Disaster Disrupting Design

08.12.2023 / Thomas Jäger Welcome to "Disaster Disrupting Design," a forward-thinking event that addresses the role of design in the context of disasters and social inequality. Our mission? To use innovation and design to find answers to these pressing challenges at a societal level.

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For whom is this event?


We look forward to your participation!

The number of participants for this event is limited to 50 and will be evenly distributed among the aforementioned groups of experts. Based on the registrations, individually tailored workshop groups will be created. In January 2024, we will reach out to you and inform you whether you are on the list of participants. If not, you will receive information on how you can continue to participate in the discourse. Please share with us some thoughts on what personally connects you to the topic to help us make the decision.


Do you have any questions about this event? Write to us at and we will be happy to help you!

What to expect?

Keynotes from industry leaders: Representatives from the areas of expertise will discuss current challenges and opportunities for innovation.

Compelling case studies: Learn how design can help in the context of real disasters, such as in the Ahr Valley.

Strategic and Transition Design: Discover how these design approaches enable transformative changes in social and humanitarian contexts.

Interactive Workshops: Immerse yourself in interactive sessions and realistic challenges, and develop creative solutions in 2 hours that aim to create cooperative networks and innovative solutions.

Networking and in-depth discussions: A platform for exchange between industry experts to promote close and sustainable collaboration, aiming to lead to long-term collaboration between the participants, supporting each other, and leveraging opportunities for collaboration, all while overcoming challenges.

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