Upskilling Elevating Design Competencies

Building design capacity is a critical aspect of organizational development. Building design capacity is not just about enhancing the skills of individual designers, but about creating an ecosystem within the organization that supports and values design as a critical driver of innovation and business success.

Strategic Design Approach

Our approach to strategic design has always been transparent, enabling clients and teams to develop their own skills through collaboration. We have actively supported this skill-building. However, our approach to transformative projects was not comprehensive enough to address all deficiencies. That's why, in 2021, we founded M1ND, a strategic design academy, to specifically build capacities.

Collaboration with M1ND

In cooperation with M1ND, we develop design capacity-building programs for our clients to foster design-enhancing competencies within their companies. These programs cover a wide range of areas.

User-Centric Focus

Our programs emphasize a user-centric approach in design processes, ensuring that products and services align with customer needs and enhance user satisfaction.

Cross-Disciplinary Integration

We encourage the integration of design principles into different disciplines like marketing, product development, and customer service, ensuring a holistic and consistent brand experience.

Leadership and Advocacy

We emphasize strong leadership that understands and advocates the value of design in achieving business objectives, including positioning design leaders in strategic roles within the organization.

Collaborative Culture

We promote a culture of collaboration across various departments, encouraging the exchange of ideas and integrating design into the broader business strategy.

Citizen Design

Iconstorm supports the concept of Citizen Design, democratizing design frameworks and making them accessible to those without formal design education. Cutting-edge learning experiences are used to awaken talents and encourage active participation in design matters.

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