Liberate New Ideas With Strategic Foundation

In today's fast-paced market, C-level managers face the dual challenge of fostering innovation while maintaining strategic focus. As a partner within a Company Building Ecosystem approach, we offer a strategic design framework for customized solutions for spinoffs pursuing new business models, for shaping partnerships, and for participating in investment identification.

Company Building as Catalyst for Innovation

Company building is a bet on the future. Innovation starts with embracing uncertainty and the potential for discovery. Viewing company building as a learning process rather than a mere production line allows for the generation of knowledge essential for informed decision-making. Our playbook and processes are designed to foster a learning organization, enabling your company to innovate with purpose and strategic insight towards a desired future.

Prioritizing Customer Value and Validation

Prioritizing customer value and validation is crucial in the realm of service or product development. Understanding and delivering customer value is paramount. However, many organizations struggle with effectively validating this value, often due to a lack of robust methodologies or fear of failure disrupting budgetary plans. Despite this, practically all market-successful startups have had to pivot at some point in their development because they needed to adapt their business model to reality. Our approach emphasizes the critical role of validation as a kingmaker, ensuring that customer-centricity guides every innovation and budgetary decision.

Cultivating a Culture of Exploration

The success of innovation hinges on the team and the culture of exploration they embody. Hierarchies and processes take a backseat to responsibility, decision-making freedom, and a strong sense of purpose. We recognize the scarcity of individuals with an explore mindset and emphasize the importance of building a team where purpose and exploration drive innovation.

Our design consultancy services start even before the decision to build a company is made.

We assist in developing the strategy, where considerations of synergy, portfolio, and the organization of value chains play just as important a role as whether partnerships or investments offer a better position than founding a spinoff.

While we are cautious about promising that our corporate VC departments will receive a turnkey company, we guarantee methodically supported, efficient work in the role we claim for ourselves in the ecosystem. We transform ideas into viable product and service concepts with precise execution up to product/market fit. This foundational work is critical and empowers C-level managers to navigate the complexities of building, partnering with or investing in companies as Catalysts for Innovation.

Demonstration of the Iconstorm innovation Playbook

Fostering team innovation in business idea exploration demands a clear and understandable methodological framework. These frameworks, termed "playbooks," are not about gaming but serve as guides to craft creative tactics and strategies. They enhance collaboration and efficiency while methodically minimizing risks.

Innovation platform example

Leveraging a playbook as their methodological foundation enables teams to swiftly attain superior quality in tackling challenges and forging new business ventures. An environment that methodically documents and showcases progress, while supporting the management of team initiatives, further amplifies success. As a strategic design agency, our expertise lies in tailoring and effectively deploying these innovation platforms for our clients.

Liberate New Ideas Through Strategic Design.

Let us guide your venture from concept to reality.