Unlearn. Design Research.

At the core of our work is design research, a crucial and challenging tool for comprehending the complexities of human behavior. As strategic designers, we draw on insights from this research to guide our decisions. We've developed new approaches to effectively understand and meet the needs of the people we serve.

How AI is Shaping Data Collection and Utilization

Data collection in research involves gathering diverse data, such as notes, videos, recordings, and analytics. These must be meticulously documented and merged to develop requirements and ideas. We've streamlined and expedited this process with AI, using our R3ASON software. This allows for integrating data into a pool for product or service development, prioritizing needs, and supporting decision-making processes.

Integrate active design in research.

By leveraging new technologies, we can more closely and quickly validate the insights we gain from data analysis during the design process. This capability enables us to rapidly shape and refine our ideas, facilitating swift learning and iterative development. We focus on fast learning and iteration by frequently testing with methods like A/B testing and prototypes, prioritizing progress over perfection for effective real-world application and team momentum.

Research as a Catalyst for Quicker Results

We have succeeded in transforming design research from a burdensome and resource-intensive obligation into an efficient tool that accelerates decision-making and gives the project team the ability to optimally utilize the insights gained.

We are not our users.

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