Show! Don't tell.

A key part of our work is systematically reducing project risks. Early prototyping and testing plays a crucial role.

Acceleration and Collaboration

Prototypes significantly enhance team performance by facilitating coordination within the team and with stakeholders, and by speeding up decision-making.

Failing to Succeed

We learn through prototypes and push the boundaries, technically, economically, and in terms of desirability. The prototype takes on the risk of failure, so that development can proceed smoothly later on.

With Code and Soldering Iron

Iconstorm's developers, known as Creative Technologists, prioritize ideas before development. They blend creativity with technical skills in the design process, crafting prototypes for both feasibility and experience simulation, utilizing not only code but also hands-on skills, including soldering. Their integral role combines technical know-how with active, hands-on support.

Convincing Prototypes

We develop the full range of prototypes: from simple click dummies to demonstrators that impress with their realistic experience. The goal is to systematically reduce risks in the project and save costs in development where it really gets expensive.

From Words to Action.

Embracing Your Challenges to Develop Innovative Prototypes.