Impact. Social Innovation

Leverage design, collaboration and technology, enriching your mission in creating impact. We design systemically and on eye-level with all actors, creating locally fitting and lasting solutions.

Solving wicked, social challenges collaboratively and strategically

Social challenges are complex due to their systemic nature, numerous contributing factors, and diverse actors involved. These complexities are amplified during times of demographic shifts, limited public sector resources, and increased natural disasters.

Addressing these challenges demands innovative solutions, such as embracing new learning methods, fostering collaboration, and harnessing emerging technologies in a systemic and user-centric manner. This is the core of our work, which sets us apart from traditional strategic consulting, or regular design. We craft actionable solutions for tangible change.

Strategic Design in Social Innovation Settings

We address intricate social challenges with innovative solutions, employing technology, systems thinking, and human-centered design research to uncover practical answers and gain profound insights into local dynamics, thereby addressing root challenges. These solutions are co-created with diverse stakeholders, promoting experiential learning and capacity building.

We do strategic


We consider users not only as active agents of change in the creation and implementation process but also as our top priority clients, ensuring their needs are met.


We provide long-term support to governmental and non-governmental humanitarian and development organizations, assisting them in planning and executing innovative programs while also offering ad-hoc tailor made design services.


We assist private companies and foundations in identifying the most significant needs of the communities they aim to support. We then help transform these needs into effective strategies and action ensuring long-term implementation of sustainable change.



We offer comprehensive support to partners and clients, addressing challenges, devising solutions, and seamlessly integrating them. Our approach nurtures experiential organizational learning for long-term innovation capacity enhancement.

Digital tools in Social Innovation Settings

We create for our partners/clients and employ advanced digital tools to enhance collaboration, accountability, and secure data exchange. Embracing digitalization in development and humanitarian settings, we empower better management and decision-making, increased collaboration and accountability for clients and partners, while being able to support with challenges, such as data challenges and digital literacy.

Your entry point

what we do...


Breathe new life into your programs, services and products with strategic design. Increase user experience, improve performance and add customer value. Let’s do this together!


We co-create innovative solutions, including processes, strategies, and cutting-edge digital tools that redefine standards. Share your challenges with us and embark on a collaborative journey with our team and your users!


Utilizing design strategically lies at the core of our approach to solve social challenges. Work with us, learn how to utilize and implement design and innovation on a strategic level - let's create tangible change!

how are we doing this?

consultancy / research

Are you contemplating your organization's future or facing an innovation or operational challenge? Reach out to access our strategic design expertise and elevate your organization to new heights!

design sprints

In our design approach, whether it's improvement, creation, or change, our aim is utmost efficiency. Our design sprints are rapid innovation cycles yielding tangible results by quickly and seamlessly integrating into your operations making the results more actionable.


Our DNA entails collaboration, to harness the full potential of ideas and expertise, shedding more light onto your challenges, while creating results that fit. To do this we created engaging, and tailor-made workshops for social innovation challenges, that allow everyone to participate in a safe space!

whare we doing this?

contextual / strategic intelligence

Knowledge forms the foundation for sound decision-making. We utilize desk and field design research methods to collect essential information from diverse sources and synthesize them, enabling you to gain fresh insights and a deeper understanding of your context, from angles you have not seen before.

capacity building

To enhance our organization's capacity to navigate complexity, foster innovative problem-solving, and manage innovation effectively, we offer experiential learning, that significantly broadens perspectives and equips individuals with new tools.

collaboration and coalitions

Creation and collaboration are vital in social innovation, ensuring ownership and a systemic fit for sustainable community impact. Moreover, harnessing a variety of skills and strengths in these collaborative efforts leads to more effective and higher-quality outcomes. Whether it's a product, service, or process, collaborating as equals with all your partners and users is key to bringing your vision to life!

Ensuring ethical work and design

We prioritize ethical work and diverse stakeholder safeguarding in strategic design projects. We follow UNICEF and OCHA's humanitarian innovation principles, integrating ethics into our process and deliverables. Our team is well-versed in humanitarian settings and social innovation, ensuring partner confidence in alignment with these principles. Additionally, we employ a decolonizing design framework, fostering meaningful user and stakeholder participation for impactful, positive collaboration.

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Don't hesitate to reach out to us, whether you have something to discuss, share, or require additional information. We are here to assist you.