This is us.

Welcome to Iconstorm, where design transforms into innovation. Established in 2004, we have evolved into a pioneering agency for strategic design. Based in Frankfurt, we harness the expertise of 30 international professionals across product, service, business, brand, UX, and UI design, user research, and software development.

Our Mission: Igniting Innovation through Design.

With our commitment to attentive listening, we discover how we can increase your customer value, and where potential problems lie in the experience and functionality of your products.

Leading in Strategic Design

Iconstorm is a leader in strategic design, transcending the delivery of innovative solutions.

We are architects of a framework built upon knowledge, methods, and processes.

In collaboration with esteemed institutions, we craft groundbreaking tools:

  • Modern design systems as the sole source of truth for radically simplified front-end development.
  • A framework for requirement management and decision-making, based on a knowledge graph.
  • Strategic design sprints guided by a comprehensive playbook that propels both the process and the team.

Our Three Core Areas

At Iconstorm, our expertise shines in three primary domains:

Enhancing existing products and services:

We amplify the performance of current solutions, ensuring seamless user experiences.

Innovation and product development:

We shape user-centric, unconventional products and services that redefine industry boundaries.

Elevating design competence in organizations:

We cultivate design cultures that drive innovation and excellence across businesses of all sizes.

Our Diverse Clientele:

We collaborate with a diverse range of clients. From global giants like Deutsche Telekom and Munich Re to local enterprises like Stil AG and Erbe, our international team bridges language barriers, including German, English, Spanish, French, Persian, and more.

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